Services / What we do ?

Designing a home requires that the creator be familiar with the local municipalities requirements. We've spent a 100 years in central Texas learning the specifics about nearly every community. We will ensure your project has the proper permits, zoning changes, variances, and approvals necessary to complete your new home or re-model project. Our office is in Westlake, and I can assure you that if your project is in Westlake, Rollingwood, or Lakeway you won't find a more knowledgeable architect familiar with the area's building codes. We've designed over 100 homes in Lakeway, Texas alone.

Visualize Your Design

We are here to bring your dreams to real life. It all starts by finding an architect that speaks your language. We realize that not everyone can look a bunch of lines on a page and visualize walls, roof, and what their home will look like from the street. An initial session might go as follows:

  • Just describe what you're looking for
  • We will capture your description as a freestyle sketch
  • You will refine the sketch by telling us where changes are needed
  • Once this freestyle session is over we will create a scale draft
  • Once we agree on a base plan we then get specific on features
  • We capture the custom design and when you're ready,
  • We complete the plans that will be used by your builder

Initial Design Includes

  • Evaluate the site
  • Client needs; Hobbies, Lifestyle, Buget, etc...
  • Coordination of home owner, architect and builder.

Every Design Includes

  • Cost Estimate
  • Plans and specifications.
  • (opt) Site observation / Construction Coordination

Vision to Plans

When you work with us you will feel like we can read your mind. While reading minds isn't part of our skill set, designing homes for people based on what they tell us is what we do. This is why our guarantee of statisfaction is so important. All of our business is referral based. Just ask and we will provide you with references regarding any style of construction you may be interested in having us create.