About us / Who are we ?

My great great grandfather was an architect back in Kentucky. It was just after the Civil War as horse racing began to reimmerge as one of the great American pass times. Promoters were looking to create a safer racing venue in Louisville. My great great grandfather designed the Louisville Jockey Club.

My grandfather and father were builders here in Austin since before the turn of the century. My family has designed buildings and structures in Texas over the last 100 years.

Traditional Texas Architecture

Texas architecture has been influenced by many cultures over the last 200 years. Just look around central Texas and you will see a home styles that borrow from the German, French, Spanish and English.

Each group of settlers brought with them customs and needs that shaped their homes as they adapted their construction techniques to the unique Texas environment.

I continue my family's tradition of creating the style of home you desire that will withstand and even take advantage of our unique Texas Climate.

Our Philosophy

We've been building Green since the 19th Century. In Texas it is not an option. The building resources in Texas have alway been precious. The climate has always been harsh. Our thoughtful common sense approach to our home designs ensures your specific requirements have been implemented in a way that is sensitive to Texas resources and performs to your expectations no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Even if you didn't start with us, we want to assist you in making any design "Great".